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Nippon Kodo Quality Incense

Nippon Kodo Quality Collection incense
This range of incenses brings together well-known products like  Byakudan Eiju Sandalwood, identical to that sold in rolls, and Aqua incense, which is also found under various packaging in the Nippon Kodo offering.
Small packages which are very practical to discover various Japanese incenses at a low cost.

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Nippon Kodo Kyara Eiju

Product no.: 1180

Nippon Kodo Quality Kyara Eiju. Graceful aroma of Kyara, harmonious with floral balsamic. Bases on aloeswood, sandalwood and benzoin give penetrating balance.

CHF 3.50 *

Nippon Kodo Meiko Shibayama

Product no.: 1181

Nippon Kodo Quality incense: Meiko Shibayama. Fragrance of powdery floral wood, based on Sandalwood and a mild herb mixture. Key notes: Floral and herbal notes, Sandalwood

CHF 3.50 *
In stock

Nippon Kodo Jinkoh Eiju 20 Sticks

Product no.: 1182

Nippon Kodo Quality Jinkoh Eiju. Based on aloeswood, with sandalwood and patchouli. Distinctive note with piquantness and elegance. Key notes: Aloeswood, sandalwood and patchouli

CHF 3.50 *

Nippon Kodo Rose Hanaizumi

Product no.: 675

Nippon Kodo Quality Brilliant Rose. 20 sticks. Burning time: approx. 25 minutes.

CHF 3.50 *
In stock

Nippon Kodo Seiun Gold

Product no.: 678

Nippon Kodo Quality Seiun Gold. Key notes: Rose, honey, spices and vanilla. 20 japanese incense sticks.

CHF 3.50 *
In stock

Nippon Kodo Shinsei Eiju

Product no.: 679

Nippon Kodo Quality Aqua. Key note: Sandalwood. 20 japanese incense sticks.

CHF 3.50 *
In stock
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