Alum Stone Deo Sticks

Alum stone is a natural haemostatic deodorant, based on potassium alum
The alum stone deodorant based on potassium alum is very effective and very economical and gives very good results against bad body odour. It is available in sticks of alum stone, as a powder, in rectangular blocks and more rarely in liquid form.

What is alum stone used for and it is economical ?
Alum stone deodorants are very economical, a 120 g stick can last for months or even years depending on use. Being so practical, they offer another advantage, like not leaving any marks on your clothing. This is a non-perfumed deodorant.

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Potash Alum Deostick 60g

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Potash Alum Deostick 120 g

Product no.: 893
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Potash Alum 100g Without Box

Product no.: 1021
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Potash Alum 100g Block

Product no.: 1021-BOX
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