Nippon kodo Ka-Fuh Incense

The Ka-fuh range offers floral fragrances like lavender or the floral blend White Plum Ka-Fuh with its white pink plum flower scent. The resinous scent of Ka-Fuh Hinoki, cypress-scented, or the fresh fragrance of bamboo. The presence of the Aqua scent should also be noted in this category, which Nippon Kodo has available in various varieties under different forms and in several of its incense ranges.
Ka-Fuh incense in large boxes
Some incenses from this range are available in large 265 g boxes at a more favourable price. We offer you boxes of Ka-Fuh Hinoki and Nippon Kodo Ka-Fuh Bamboo in these more economic sizes.

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Nippon Kodo Ka-Fuh Bamboo 265g

Product no.: BAM-265

Nippon Kodo Kah-Fu Bamboo. Keynote: Bamboo and Bergamot. Content: approx. 550 sticks (14 cm).

CHF 36.50 *
In stock

Nippon Kodo Ka-Fuh White Plum 54g

Product no.: 491

Nippon Kodo Kah-Fu White Plum. The clear floral note of this new white plum fragrance will permeate the air to please and delight you. Content: approx. 110 sticks.

CHF 10.90 *
In stock

Nippon Kodo Ka-Fuh Lavender 60g

Product no.: 490

Nippon Kodo Kah-Fu Lavender. Enjoy the pleasure of a lavender garden as a light summer breeze wafts your care away. Approx. 120 sticks.

CHF 10.90 *
In stock
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