Baieido Japanese Incense Holders

Japanese Baieido incense holders
A selection of a few Japanese incense holders produced by Baieido in Japan. Small figurines made of terracotta (tortoise, lotus flower, etc.), Akiko cat holder for the incense series of the same name or the small bear cub in a very Japanese style. These holders are suitable for standard Japanese sticks of around 1 mm in diameter.

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Akiko Cat Incense Holder

Product no.: 690
CHF 12.00 *
In stock

Akiko Bear Incense Holder

Product no.: 1419
CHF 12.00 *
In stock

Incense Holder Small Owl

Product no.: 692
CHF 8.90 *
In stock

Incense Holder Big Owl

Product no.: 693
CHF 9.90 *
In stock

Incense Holder Small Tortoise

Product no.: 694
CHF 8.50 *
In stock

Incense Holder Big Tortoise

Product no.: 695
CHF 8.90 *

Sakai Gonomi Incense Holder

Product no.: SAKAI
CHF 88.00 *
In stock
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