Baieido Long Sticks

Baieido Long Sticks

Long and extra-long Japanese incense
Some Baieido incenses are available in long versions of around 24 cm. This is the case for Koubunboku, Tokusen kubunboku, Kai Un Koh, Kaden Koubunboku and Shukohkoku. Some even exist in an extra-long version of 34 cm, like Koubunboku Daikunkoh, Kai Un Daikunkoh and the Shukohkoku Daikunkoh.
It should be noted that the longer the rod, the greater the diameter.

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Koubunbokou Long Sticks 80g

Product no.: 559
CHF 24.00 *
In stock

Baieido Daikunkoh Kobunboku Extra Longs

Product no.: 1026
CHF 27.50 *
In stock

Tokusen Koubunbokou Long Sticks 75g

Product no.: 561
CHF 33.00 *
In stock

Kai Un Koh Long Sticks 75g

Product no.: 564
CHF 33.50 *
In stock

Kai Un Daikunkoh Extra long

Product no.: 1027
CHF 39.90 *
In stock

Kaden Koubunbokou Long Sticks

Product no.: 563
CHF 39.00 *
In stock

Shukohkoku Long Sticks

Product no.: 1028
CHF 58.00 *
In stock

Shukohkoku Daikunkoh Extra Long

Product no.: 1025
CHF 58.00 *
In stock

Baieido Kunsho Daikunkoh Extra Long Sticks

Product no.: 1132
CHF 78.00 *
In stock

Baieido Koh En Daikunkoh Extra Long Sticks

Product no.: 1133
CHF 97.50 *
In stock
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