Traditional Incense

Baieido Traditional Incense

Baieido Traditional Incense

Traditional Japanese Baieido incenses
Japanese incenses from Baieido based on herbs, sandalwood and agarwood.
The main traditional Japanese incenses from Baieido are grouped under these categories. Most are blends of Chinese herbs, sandalwood and agarwood (aloeswood or jinkoh). The brand's flagship product is Baieido koubunboku incense, a very herbal, very Chinese blend, with a camphor note. The others are variations, like Tokusen Kobunbokou (or Excellent Kobunbokou), with less herbs, or the Byakudan Koubunboku, which contains more fine indian sandalwood.
It should be noted that the famous Baieido Kai Un Koh incense, or Lucky Charm incense, falls into this category, a blend that is very spicy made from Vietnamese aloeswood.

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Baieido Kobunboku Incense

Product no.: 874

Kobunboku incense. Baieido's most famous incense. A sandalwood base with a strong herbal mixture.

From CHF 3.50 *

Excellent Tokusen Kubunboku Incense

Product no.: 875

Excellent Kobunboku incense (or Tokusen Kubunboku). A sandalwood base with a herbal mixture and aloeswood.

From CHF 4.50 *

Baieido Bikou Kobunboku Incense

Product no.: 883

Kobunboku Bikou incense. A sandalwood base, a herbal mixture with some cinnamon.

From CHF 3.50 *
In stock

Baieido Jinkoh Koubunbokou

Product no.: 876
From CHF 26.00 *
In stock

Baieido Kaden Koubunbokou

Product no.: 877
From CHF 5.50 *
In stock

Baieido Sawayaka Kobunboku

Product no.: 882
From CHF 3.80 *
In stock

Baieido Tobiume Incense

Product no.: 1030
From CHF 4.90 *

Baieido Byakudan Sandalwood Incense

Product no.: 413
From CHF 15.00 *

Baieido Kai Un Koh

Product no.: 412
CHF 16.90 *
In stock

Baieido Kokonoekoh Incense 18g

Product no.: 1023

Baieido Kokonoekoh. Japanese herbal incense. price for one 18g roll.

CHF 8.90 *
In stock
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