Baieido Sandalwood and Agarwood Incense

Baieido Sandalwood and Agarwood Incense

Japanese incense made from aloeswood and sandalwood
The incenses in these categories are mainly incenses based on agar wood, also called aloe wood, like the excellent Kunshokoh Aloeswood, made from high-quality Aloe wood. Agar or aloe wood, from Aquilaria family, is the most expensive wood in the world. Its price can reach considerable sums. Several thousands of euros per kilo for the best varieties. This wood originates from Indonesia, Vietnam, Burma... In the same style comes Baieido Shukohkoku incense, in standard and superior quality.
In this category, a sandalwood incense can also be found, Baieido sandalwood Kokonoekoh.

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Sandalwood Kokoh Gift Box

Product no.: 1626

Baieido Sandalwood Kokoh. 20 Japanese incense sticks.

CHF 33.00 *

Jinkoh Kokoh Gift Box

Product no.: 1625

Baieido Jinkoh Kokoh. 20 Japanese incense sticks.

CHF 48.00 *

Baieido Shukohkoku

Product no.: 891
From CHF 6.50 *

Excellent Tokusen Shukohkoku

Product no.: 892
From CHF 8.50 *

Sandalwood Kokonoekoh 50g

Product no.: 574
CHF 32.00 *
In stock

Aloeswood Horyukoh 50 g

Product no.: 575
CHF 42.00 *
In stock

Excellent Aloeswood Kunshokoh 50 g

Product no.: 576
CHF 58.00 *
In stock

Baieido Excellent Houryu - No 971

Product no.: Houryu-971
CHF 32.50 *
In stock

Baieido Excellent Kokonoe - No 981

Product no.: Kokonoe-981
CHF 29.90 *
In stock

Baieido Excellent Kunsho - No 961

Product no.: Kunsho-961
CHF 49.90 *
Still in stock

Baieido Excellent Koh En - 951

Product no.: KohEn-951
CHF 79.00 *
In stock

Baieido Excellent 5 Items - #910

Product no.: 1411
CHF 89.00 *
In stock
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