Baieido Sawayaka Kobunboku 30g (Quantity: 30g)

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Dragon's Blood Powder 20g

Product no.: 426

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Goloka Frankincense 100g

Product no.: 501

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Vajra Meditation Incense

Product no.: 1279

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Aleppo Soap Frankincense Fragrance

Product no.: 949

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Shoyeido Kyoto Moon - Creativity

Product no.: S311

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Palo Santo 25g

Product no.: 591

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White Sage Salvia Apiana Mini Smudge

Product no.: 1134

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We are specialist in fragrance products, and you will find many items on our site, from incense made from natural resins, through essential oils or perfumed candles.
Carefully chosen quality products, of a great variety, which will therefore allow you to add a perfumed note to the inside of your home, depending on the time of day.
You can also find our large range of soaps, Aleppo soaps, soaps from Marseilles, and other Marseille perfumed liquid soaps to start the day on the right foot. With floral or stimulating scents, you will always find a scent that is suitable for the time of day, your mood at the time or the season.
You can also find products that are well known by everybody, like the Armenian Paper Triple, famous for almost 130 years and is more recent variants like Armenian Paper La Rose or the "Year of Armenia in France" version.
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