Najel Hammam Products

Cosmetic and Hammam Products

Cosmetic and Hammam Products

Najel cosmetics and items for the steam room.
As well as Aleppo soaps, Najel offers a number of cosmetic products: massage oils, Nigella oil, body milk with chamomile and sesame oils, prickly pear oil, argan oil, exfoliating red clay powder, as well as gloves for the steam room, loofah gloves or black gloves.

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Black Glove

Product no.: 964

Black glove used in hammam, especially for soft gumming.

CHF 7.90 *

Loofah Glove

Product no.: 965

Loofah Glove. Used as a sponge massage, to perfectly exfoliate your skin

CHF 9.90 *
In stock

Aleppo Black Soap with Eucalyptus 200ml

Product no.: 1170

Najel Aleppo black soap. Pealing black soap with olive oil and Eucalyptus oil
200ml pot

CHF 9.50 *
In stock

Najel Red Clay Powder 150g

Product no.: 1062

Red soil powder, 150 g pot

CHF 6.90 *
In stock

Najel Green Clay Powder 150g

Product no.: 1205

Green soil powder, 150g pot

CHF 7.50 *
In stock

Organic Oriental Sugar Wax 350g

Product no.: 1177

Organic Oriental Wax. With Organic sugar, 350g

CHF 13.50 *
In stock

Pumice Stone

Product no.: 1369
CHF 4.90 *
In stock

Anti-Cellulite Brush

Product no.: 1178

Anti-Cellulite Brush. For a firming and relaxing massage, Najel’s anti-cellulite brush is ideal.

CHF 5.50 *

Back Brush

Product no.: 1248
CHF 9.90 *
In stock
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