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Black soap, sheabutter, carrier oils and cosmetic products.

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Olive-Almond Peeling Powder 50g

Product no.: 1171

Almond and olive seeds' powder. A natural product. Net weight: 50g

CHF 3.50 *
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Sheabutter from Ghana 200g

Product no.: 961

Sheabutter Butyrospermum parkii from Ghana 200g

CHF 12.50 *

Sheabutter Moisturizing Cream 50g

Product no.: 1141

Sheabutter cream with Jojoba Oil. Net weight: 50g

CHF 7.90 *

Sweet Almond Oil 100ml

Product no.: 1156

Sweet Almond Oil Prunus dulcis
Refined, 100 ml.

CHF 6.90 *

Avocado Oil Refined 100ml

Product no.: 1151

Avocado oil Persea Gratissima
Refined oil, 100 ml

CHF 8.50 *

Henna Powder Neutral 100g

Product no.: 589

Henna Powder Neutral. A natural conditioner and colour enhancer for hair. Net weight: 100g

CHF 3.90 *
Still in stock

Black Glove

Product no.: 964

Black glove used in hammam, especially for soft gumming.

CHF 7.90 *

Henna Powder Red 100g

Product no.: 587

Henna Powder Red. A natural conditioner and colour enhancer for hair. Net weight: 100g

CHF 3.90 *

Loofah Glove

Product no.: 965

Loofah Glove. Used as a sponge massage, to perfectly exfoliate your skin

CHF 9.90 *
In stock

Nigella Sativa Oil 100ml

Product no.: 1174

Nigella Oil from Egypt (black cumin oil or Nigella sativa). Cold-pressed. Net content: 100ml

CHF 9.50 *

Jojoba Oil 100 ml

Product no.: 262

Jojoba Oil Simmondsia chinensis. Golden Yellow, cold pressed, 100 ml

CHF 12.90 *
In stock

Evening-Primrose Oil Refined 50 ml

Product no.: 1179
CHF 7.50 *

Aleppo Black Soap with Eucalyptus 200ml

Product no.: 1170

Najel Aleppo black soap. Pealing black soap with olive oil and Eucalyptus oil
200ml pot

CHF 9.50 *
In stock

Najel Red Clay Powder 150g

Product no.: 1062

Red soil powder, 150 g pot

CHF 6.90 *
In stock

Najel Green Clay Powder 150g

Product no.: 1205

Green soil powder, 150g pot

CHF 7.50 *
In stock
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